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We believe in the Business of Show Business, so if you are looking for a return on your investment the creative hub founded by Aleksandar Vass OAM is the place to be. 

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To bring stories to life on stage and create a vibrant ecosystem that will have a ripple effect that brings enjoyment to our community, drives customers to local businesses and in turn activate theatres.

The Technology Revolution

With the integration of technology developed in gaming and telecommunications, new methods of dealing with the staging of entertainment productions are becoming a reality. We have seen this technology revolutionise film and now we are translating this for the stage.

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Vass Productions


Vass Productions has established a reputation for producing and co-producing high quality content for stage and screen. Aleksandar Vass OAM leads a dedicated team of people who live to develop life moving moments.

Vass Theatre Group

Facility Management

The Alex Theatre project was set up to create a model for compact boutique commercial performance spaces that would not only act as hubs in communities for the Arts but innovative spaces to develop ‘Off Broadway’ productions and innovation in the Arts.

Research The Red Brick Wall

Research & Innovation

The people behind the Red Brick Wall Project believe that through collaboration we can change the world. The Alex Theatre in the City of Port Phillip is a creative centre of excellence in innovation and technology.

Education Brand


Developing an education ecosystem to support the growth of knowledge within the Arts outside of the standard structure of the institutional approach for Stage and Screen.

Alex Arts TV

Community Engagement

Developed as a way of engaging with artists, performers and writers, presenters, and production staff impacted by the COVID-19 lockdowns and providing them with employment opportunities and an online channel to express themselves and reach audiences.

Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc


Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc, Our Charity.
Telling the stories that matter.
Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc envisions a vibrant and healthy community that supports, cultivates, and appreciates the arts.

The Alex Theatre St Kilda

The Creative Home of Vass Producions

"Vass Productions is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximise financial, social and environmental outcomes for our investors."

We value our position as a Social Enterprise"