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The Business of Show Business


Coordination and administration services. Accounting, legal, insurance, contracting, licensing, payroll, operational staff management, venue liaison and show maintenance.

Creative Development

Coordinating and developing the creative team. Writers, designers, casting, staging team. A bespoke service to creative the magic of a new show or the restaging of existing product.

Production Management

Experience Seamless Show Staging with Our Expert Production Management, Ensuring Flawless Performances Every Time.

Investment Services

Experience Amplified Returns and Success with Our Investment Services, Empowering Profitable Ventures for a Bright Future.

Ticketing & Patron Services

Indulge in Unforgettable Entertainment Experiences with Effortless Access and Exquisite Care through Our Ticketing & Patron Services.

Forecast & Reporting

Elevate Your Endeavors with Expert Forecasting & Informed Decision-Making, Ensuring Seamless Projection and Growth.

Marketing & Publicity

The creation and coordination of promotional activities to encompass the delivery of a product to market, maximising the return of investment through our advertising partners.

Technology Containment

We love technology, moulding and shaping its use to support the creation of content while ensuring its use adds to the contents development and maximises the financial return of a project.

Facility Management

Our team has a proven track record developing and managing all types of arts, sporting, entertainment and film studio facility. Focusing on safety, presentation and financial return to investors and owners alike.

Corporate Liaison

With a focus on fostering strategic partnerships, our Corporate Liaison services build strong connections, driving mutual success and innovation.


Explore a collection of exclusive merchandise, offering unique mementos from unforgettable entertainment experiences.

Governance Services

Our Governance Services ensure smooth operations, meeting regulatory standards for optimal performance and accountability with streamlined compliance.